Crisis Respite Service

What is Crisis Respite Service?


Adult Crisis Respite Service are designed to provide the least restrictive environment possible for individuals who require either a situational change or extra support for a short per

iod of time, as from time to time, individuals who suffer from acute mental ill health or exacerbation of their mental illness will require a short term stay in a supported environment.

Our Crisis Respite Service can offer you?

A supportive environment to help ease you into the community

How do I get referred to Crisis Respite Service?

– Clinical Team

– Tiahomai

Do I have to be Maori to receive this service?

No—Whare Tiaki Hauora Services are open to anyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, culture, disability, religion and sexuality, open to the acknowledgement, acceptance and practice of Kaupapa Maori.


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August 2019

Whare Tiaki Hauora Iwi Support Services operates through “Kaupapa Maori” and designs its support services according to Maori Philosophy. We assist and support individuals who are recovering from mental ill health and live independently in the community.

Opening Hours

Main Office: 09 274 3237
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Wellness through Whanau Ora

Contact Us

Whare Tiaki Hauora

Main Office: 0800 024 321

14 Rehua Place
Aotearoa, New Zealand